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Downsizing for an Up-sized iPhone


Lets go back a little while here shall we? The month was June, I was returning from Kap and dealing with an overloaded relatives house, the iPhone 4 was currently leaked, and I had the feeling of being overloaded.

As we drove into our carport, Wayne, our neighbour was preparing for his garage sale. This gave us the little boost to get in on the garage sale. Wayne had some signage and some of the leg work already done. After some posting on kijiji and places online, we were on our way.

The idea was that mel would get my old iPhone 3G and I would get the new and hot iPhone 4. That is if the funds could be saved or generated. I gathered my old electronics, nick knacks and put my DVD collection on a diet.

It resulted in some good funds. We always hope for more, but everyone over projects those things with dollar signs in our eyes. Both Wayne and I had high hopes. At least the weather was good that day.

Some fun times were had hanging with Nathan, eating pizza, and seeing some of the randoms fight over pecking order to the DVD shelf. Good times.

I was really hoping that my old bike would sell. That would have been a good chunk of change. I can't say that it did. In hindsight, it proved useful as an extra bike for visitors.


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